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I have created a spiritual website in the Dutch language.
I also like to present it in English and therfore I have translated some parts of this site.
My English is not perfect, so I have to apologize and I hope you will accept the style of my translation.






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The book 'a miaculous journey' is about an important part of my own spiritual journey.

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The eagle is for the original Indians of North-America the symbol of the messenger between the Gods and the people.
If we are able to spread our own wings, just as this mighty eagle, then we are also able to receive the messages from the Gods.






Being happy, who is?


Why I am asking this question?
I do think that we all are desiring for happiness, for just simple happiness.
No stress, no sadness and no chaos in our lives, no fear, no illnesses, living an abundant live, not being hungry, not having pain, no wars around us, so shortly said:
Having peace,
Having joy,
Having rest,
Experiencing love,
Having abundance from everything we need in our lives,
So simply said again ...... being happy.
I do think that there is no person on this planet who desires for him or her to be very, very sad and unhappy and to have the desire to stay so forever.


What is happiness?


When will I be I happy?
If I will  win a big prize or if I will get a big sack of money,
If I will get a new car.
If I will have a beautifull and very sweet friend, husband or wife.
If I will get a good job and make a lot of money, if I will make a career and of course, if I will be very known and famous.
If I can have a very long holiday and if I will be able to make long trips to countries very far away.
Or said in other words ....... I probably will only be happy if I am able to realise things which are outside myself and which I must try to get into my life to be able to realise them and ...... if I am able to realise these things without to much efforts, then I will be probably happy.

My happiness will probably depend on things which are outside myself, so it will depend on outer things and circumstances, things and circumstances which I mostly am not able to influence.
If I am finally able to obtain all the things of which I have decided that they will make me happy, how long will I stay happy when I will have them and will there be ever enough of these things to keep me happy?


Will I ever be able to be happy without all these external, outer things?


That must be wonderful, if I would not need anything outside myself to be realy, intensively and everlasting happy.

This is absolutely possible and the only things which stop me to be realy happy are all the things which trouble me an which do not allow me to be happy.

The things which trouble me to be happy and which will not allow me to be happy are all my personal things, is all my personal grief, it is all my "personal drama" and in a larger scale it are all the things in the world which will prevent me for being happy. For instance the fact that there is a war in my country, the fact that my country is very poor, the fact that my country is very rich but that is has just been hit by a huge economical recession which will bring my country to the borders of poverty.

Or the fact that my country has been hit by a lot of natural disasters such as:
floodings, hurrycanes and earthquakes.
Or said in other words: troubles from a larger drama or the "epic drama"
Of course it is still also possible, that I am living in a country in which I am not free.

It might be ruled by leaders  who do not allow me:



Am I able to change all these things, am I able to change my 'personal drama' and the 'epic drama' and therefore be able to be finally happy, just in spite of all these outer circumstances?


Yes that is possible and how can I reach that point of happiness?

Do read this website and if you are realy interested, you will learn a lot.
I do invite you to explore my story and I do invite you to 'feel'  what you 'think' about it.
Let us start with the 'epic drama' . What is happening in the world, at this very moment and already for eons?
What does this mean and what are the results and even much more important .... are you able to do anything about it?
Are we, you and I, able to change this epic drama?
Are we able to change the course which this world is sailing now and which the world has already been sailed for as long as we can remember, in an worldly scale?




In these days there happens a lot in this world.
Our milieu is under a heavy pressure.
The icecaps are melting with high speed.
The ozone layer is decreasing seriously in quality.
The earth is protesting and reacting more and more intense.
The weather is in disorder all over the world.
How much more problems will we still have with nature?One part of the world tells us that the other part is a thread and the other part of the world tells us that just the other part is a thread.
How far and how long will they challenge each other?
When will this bomb explode?
Will this all lead to a new big war wherever in the world?
Are we really a thread for each other or is this only an impression created by the world leaders who will gain profit by the fact that we will not have peace in this world and that the people will continue to feel frightened and threatened?
How great is their profit by the fact that you and I are frightened?
If we will give them all the power, they promise us that they will protect us and continue protecting us.
Protecting against what?
Protecting against who?
Are you already afraid or frightened enough to give them all the power they want from us?

Our society, our culture grows more and more tougher with daily more and more stress. To maintain one self in our society will be about the same as running in 'a rat race'.
Today we have to achieve more then yesterday and tomorrow we will have to achieve more then we had today.
Every day you see more and more people who get imbalanced and the more people who are imbalanced the more risks we will run that our society, our culture will be out of balance as well.
When our society, our culture will shake and get out of balance, it finally will collapse.
When our society, our culture will collapse, it will then be the next culture in the history of humankind that will collapse.
Collapsing under its own weight of greed, fear and despair.

Are you able to change this situation and what can you do to change this situation?
You can change this situation, if you are able to see every aspect of life in a different way as you have ever seen it before.What is it which you have to understand from 'life'? You have to learn and you have to try to understand that:
All they warn us for, is a lie, is not true and not real.
Everything for which you are afraid, is not true and not real.
Everything of which you think that is true, is not true.
Everything they tell you about all the threads and about all the necessarily measurements which they have to take for that, are all lies and not true.
How does it come that I know all of this?

Because I have learned to look in another way to 'life'.
You, me, all of us live in an illusion. The world in which we live is an illusion, in which everything which we experience is real and the truth, as long as it is real and the truth for us and will be real and the truth till the moment that we decide that it is no more the truth and therefore no more real.

So, you define your world. You define your truth and your reality and so, you also define your illusions, as I define it for my own world and my own live. We will be frightened so that we will define exact the things for our lives, for our selves of which other people wanted us to define. We will define these things for our selves, because that suits them admirably. And just for that reason they can keep their power and rule about us in the way it suits them best.
This happens in a small scale and this happens in a large scale, everywhere on this world.

Do'nt you think that this is the moment that we have to define for our selves what we want.
Do you want fear or do you strive for that?
Do you want war or do you strive for that?
Do you want distress and misery or do you strive for that?
Do you want that the despair which you see by so many people, will stay?
Do you want that this world will stay a battle field in so many different territories and in so many different ways?

We, you and I, can change this world from the battle field which it is now into the most beautiful paradise you can imagine.
We do not need the world leaders for that nor do we need all the leaders of the religions. We even do not need all the earthly religions for that.

How can you do this?

You only have to stop by being the blind person who tries to see or the deaf person who tries to hear or the dead person who tries to live.

Our consciousness has to change.
Your consciousness will change if you know who you are and what you are. If you know who you are and what you are you can start to be the one, to be the person who you are and what you are.

Problems in and from this world are tuned to the consciousness, the collective consciousness, of this world. You never can solve these problems with solutions which have the same consciousness as the problems. You only can solve these problems with solutions which have a higher consciousness than these problems.
You never can solve violence with other violence.
You never can solve a war with another war.
These solutions lead exclusively and already for thousands and thousands of years to the law of: 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth'.

You never can defend peace with a big cannon.
What you can do with a big cannon is to frighten other people so much, that they do not dare to attack you. These other people will search for an even bigger cannon to frighten and to challenge you.
You can not defend peace and you even don’t have to defend real peace.
Peace is a situation of consciousness, of awareness which lives in your heart and in my heart and which is just there and which never can be forced, not even by thousands of cannons.
The experience of peace is the knowledge that there is only oneness and unity, that we are all connected with each other.
Peace is the knowledge that you will realise that if I will damage you, I will damage myself.
Peace is the knowledge that if I do raise you and help you to come further, I will raise myself and help myself to come further.

To obtain that consciousness, you have to focus yourself to the spiritual aspect of life. We focus ourselves almost exclusively to the physical and material aspects of life, because there is no balance between the material and the spiritual aspect of our lives, we are out of balance.
By the fact that we all are out of balance, we all have lost the way and we all have get lost in the jungle. The jungle in which we still always find the law of the survival of the fittest and where you will eat or be eaten.
We have to wonder if we are exclusively material beings having on earth a spiritual experience or if we are spiritual beings, having temporarily on earth a physical experience?

You are only able to reach a certain level of balance if you are willing to make choices. Choices that can make the difference.

I felt and I knew that something had to happen in this world.

A long time ago I started my own spiritual journey, because I was sure that all this misery, all this chaos, all the sadness, all the illnesses and all the fear in this world never could have been the meaning of life, because I can not believe that life, that nature could be against itself.
I was and still am absolutely sure that we, somewhere in a dizzy deep past of our evolution have lost the Way and that we no more do realise how life has to be lived. In spite of the level of our present science, I am convinced that we also, at this moment, do not know anymore and do not understand anymore how the laws of nature, the laws of life will work and how the chain of 'cause and results' in a spiritual and material way, will work and how it has influenced all of our lives.
During this journey I discovered that all the problems which I face in my life, all the problems with other people and all the problems with situations, were not caused by these other people but were exclusively caused by everything which lives in me.
This discovery was for me a disaster because it was so safe and so comfortable to drop all my problems with all these other people.
How was it possible that not you, but me and exclusively me was the cause of all my misery?
This knowledge was a terrible shock for me but when I finally started to realise this, I also was able to see the advantages of this situation.
If I was able to make a mess of my own life, when I was able to create situations of which I was very unhappy, then it was probably also possible to change the course of my life and to find the right track, the right course.
If I was able to succeed in changing the course of my life, then I maybe was also able to obtain again the role of being the captain of the ship of my own life and also being able to maintain the course of the ship of my life.
If I was able to do that, then I should maybe also be able to inform other people, who were interested and give them my knowledge and maybe I was also able to help them to reorganize their own lives.
I could place my knowledge on the internet, where everybody could get it for free.

At this point my journey really started and I started also to describe everything which I discovered during my journey.
This journey finally lead me inside myself. Inside in my own system and deep inside within myself, I finally find all the answers to all the many questions I had. When I started to understand the answers and when I tried to start to live conform my answers, my consciousness started to change.
When my consciousness changed, my life changed completely.

If you in your life do agree with the statement that all the sadness, all the despair, all the fear, all the chaos, all the fights and all the wars in this world, never can be and will be the meaning of life and if you, in the deepest parts of your heart, want that these situations will change, than you first have to change something in your own system, in your own life.

Often you hear people say that you have to act in a normal way. How often do you hear people say: “Act normally, act as we are used to do”!
As long as we do normal and act as usual in this world, so that we are staying to do the things which we are already doing for a very, very long time and if we are staying to do it in the same, normal and usual way which we are already doing for centuries and centuries, if we stay thinking in the same and unchangeable way as we always did, if we stay acting in the same and unchangeable way as we always did, then everything will always stay in the same situation as it always was and everything will always stay unchanged and therefore never change.

This world is not a place of love and peace.
This world is not a place where we are tolerant to each other.
This world is not a place where we realize ourselves that if we do destroy each other, we will destroy ourselves.
This world is not a place where everybody will feel safe.
This world is not a place where everybody has enough food and enough clothes.
This world is not a place where we can live without illness, suffering and fear.
This world is in the last place a world which is free of chaos and wars.
Is this world the prototype of a place which you are able to call a 'normal' place.
Do you accept this 'normality'?
Do you have peace with this?

For me is everything we see in this world, everything we experience in this world not a part of the normal things but only and exclusively a part of the abnormal things.
I realized that I had to get rid of all the normal things to be able to understand why all the normal things will always lead to a world full of abnormalities. Killing other people in a war can never be a part of the things of life, which you can call normal.
This meant for me that I realized myself that I had to learn to think in another way and that I had to learn to act in another way, that I had to learn to understand why all the things which we call the normal things actually are the abnormal things and how we can repair all the abnormal things to the things which are actually normal and which will bring us again rest, peace and love in this world.
We can create a world in which we can live in peace, in love, in harmony, without fear, without chaos and without illnesses.
So this meant for me that I first had to learn to change and that I first had to find out how I had to change.

If you, just as I, see the normal things of this world actually as the abnormal things in this world, as you also feel the need to change all these abnormalities in this world to a state of normalities, in which it is pleasant to live again, if you also like to change this situation, will all these changes never happen by doing all the things which you already did and the way in which you already did all the things, in the same, for you normal and unchanged way.

Exactly and only by doing the things different and by just doing different things, will, as a result of this, the final result be different.

Do you want to change the things in your life, do you want to change 'Life', do you want to change the world, then you have to do (just as I have to do) all the things in your life in a different way and you just have to do different things.

Of course are all the things I have written in this article no more and no less then the insights and the feelings which I have had and which I feel. It are all my experiences, no more and no less. Maybe you can take them into consideration and maybe you can see what it can do in your life and with your own life.
Maybe it can be a key to open the door of your own source deep inside of you and through that open door you can be lead into your own special and wonderful experiences.

I have also written a book about my own spiritual journey and all the insights and experiences I have had. It can be a guide for you and you can open this book on the next link 'a miraculous journey'.


The eagle is for the original Indians of North-America the symbol of the messenger between the Gods and the people. If we are able to spread our own wings, just as this mighty eagle, then we are also able to receive the messages from the Gods.



Only by spreading your own wings and to rise, you can rise above the Collective consciousness.
By this you receive insights in how things can be different and have to be different.
The more intense light of this other, higher Consciousness is, the more it will help us to give clearness.
Clearness in the problems of this world and will help us to search to new solutions.
From a state of this higher Consciousness we can create a new world which will be ruled by rest,
ruled by harmony and ruled by peace and love.


If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbours.

If there is to be peace between neighbours,
There must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.

Peace in the heart of every human being.


Chinese philospher - Lao-Tse - 6th century BC








Winston Lucassen

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