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To be or not to be


With this article I hope that I can show you that something in this world has to be done. Not just something but really something. This world has to be changed. The consciousness of this world, of the people who live on it, has to be changed. As long as leaders of countries declare wars to leaders of other countries and as long as the people of these countries pick up their guns and canons to kill other people, it is not good with and on this world. As long as we are able to kill in order to conquer a piece of land, some hills, some trees, some sand and some water or in order to defend an idea of one leader, the situation in this world is terrible and will only lead to a complete destruction of all of us.

And besides killing each other, there are a lot of things in this world which make all of us unhappy, full of fear, sad and desperate.

To show how desperate this world is, I refer to an article of the World Health Organization (WHO) about suicide in this World.

Suicide around the World

The problem

·   In the year 2000, approximately one million people died from suicide: a "global" mortality rate of 16 per 100,000, or one death every 40 seconds.

·   In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide. Suicide is now among the three leading causes of death among those aged 15-44 years (both sexes); these figures do not include suicide attempts up to 20 times more frequent than completed suicide.

·   Suicide worldwide is estimated to represent 1.8% of the total global burden of disease in 1998, and 2.4% in countries with market and former socialist economies in 2020.

·   Although traditionally suicide rates have been highest among the male elderly, rates among young people have been increasing to such an extent that they are now the group at highest risk in a third of countries, in both developed and developing countries.

·   Mental disorders (particularly depression and substance abuse) are associated with more than 90% of all cases of suicide; however, suicide results from many complex sociocultural factors and is more likely to occur particularly during periods of socio-economic, family and individual crisis situations (e.g. loss of a loved one, employment, honour).


We do not kill ourselves because we are happy. We do not kill ourselves because we have peace in our hearts. We do not kill ourselves because we know and understand the meaning of life and because we feel one with all life.

We are unhappy, full of fear and a lot of us are desperate in the most heavy degree. If you see the figures in the article of the World Health Organization you even can  see that all these terrible feelings which lead to suicide, are enormously increasing. 

What is going on in this world and is there a way we can change our lives and change this world?

All the wars in this world, all the unhappiness, all the fear and all the other terrible things in this world will happen as long as we accept and allow that they happen. All this will continue as long as we accept and allow that it continues. All this will end the moment that you and I decide that it has to end. As you and I decide that enough is enough and that this world has to be changed. As we decide that the leaders of the countries of this world can declare a war without an army, without you and me, then all this killing and misery will stop and this world will change to a better world.

“You and I are the world, so you and I can decide what kind of world this world will be and has to be”.

As long as there have been wars in this world, it has never been a solution to the problems which caused these wars but, by the laws of duality, it has always been a reason for new wars. This law of duality always causes the law of: “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”.

I think and know that we can change our lives and that we can change this world. I would like to show you in this article some summaries. At the end I will try to connect these summaries to make my vision of a better world complete.


People have the power to create. Because we have the power to create we live in our own created worlds. We live in worlds which have been formed by our own thoughts, by our own convictions. That to which we adapt ourselves, will be realized and will be experienced by us. If I think you are a bad person, then everything you will do, will give me the proof that you are bad. I will hear it by what you say, I will see it by what you do and I will even smell it. If somebody else thinks you are a good person, then it will be proven to them by your actions that you are good, the same actions that prove to me that you are bad.

Because the universe is a mirror which reflects everything we do and think and because we have to experience life, we create (unconsciously) the circumstances in our own lives that we want to experience. By these experiences we can learn.

If we follow this line, it means that in other people's eyes I am nothing but thousands and thousands of labels with which I have been labelled by others. I am in your eyes and by your ears what you have labelled me. This also means that you are, in my eyes, nothing but the things with which I have labelled you.

This also means that we live in our own labelled worlds. We live in labelled boxes or in mental prisons. It also means that in this dualistic world nothing is as it appears to be. It also means that you can change your world by changing the labels. It also means that if you are able to accept that you stop labelling situations and people, your box will be empty and you can see outside the box. This means that if you can see outside your box, you can change your horizon. If you can change your horizon you are able to grow. If you are able to grow, your consciousness can rise. If your consciousness rises, you will renew the connection with the source of life deep within you. You will renew the connection with the chain of life.

The web

Everything there is, is only energy. Everything is a manifestation of energy. This energy consists of an infinite mass of the smallest parts of energy. Because everything there is has been build up from a mass of these smallest equal parts of energy, in essence everything there is is also identical. Everything looks unique because everything has its own degree of vibration and therefore its own form of appearance. But it still is a mass of the smallest identical parts of energy.

In essence I am identical to you, we are made up of the same building blocks. Our difference is the degree of energy vibration. Because we are made out of the same substance, we are connected to each other. There is no you without me and there is no me without you. You can say we are connected by threads of energy in the spaces between you and me. This means that by this connection everything I do will be felt by everybody else.

This means also that everything I do, will influence everybody else.
This is very important to understand.

Even if you do not see any result of what you do, you absolutely will influence everything and everybody else.
This means that if you hit me and I react by hitting you, it will influence everybody. This also means that if you hit me and I react by turning the other cheek, this will also  influence everybody. So by the way we act and react, we influence all people, all life in this world and by our way of acting and reacting, we absolutely influence the direction of all life on this world. We all are connected in one enormous “web of energy”.

Because we are made of the same substance and because we are all connected, there is only oneness. This oneness goes back to the source of the chain of life. This oneness goes back to the Creator of all life. This oneness goes back to God. We are connected to God.

This oneness will be experienced by the feeling of love, unconditional love. The opposite of oneness, which is separation and duality, will be an experience of fear.

Since this world has been ruled for a very, very long time by the consciousness of separation and duality, we live continuously in fear.

The aquarium

If I throw a little pebble in an aquarium with water then there will be a reaction. Every drop of water in that aquarium will move. If it is a little stone the movements of these drops of water are not so spectacular, but all drops will move. If I throw a big stone in that same aquarium with water, then the movements of all drops of water will be spectacular.

To become

Ask people what they want to become and mostly they can tell you immediately what they want to become. They want to become rich, they want to become happy, they want to become famous. Unfortunately it only remains something that they want to become it. Most of the time you see that they don’t become it and they never achieve that goal.

The Ego

The ego is connected to the separation of the chain of life. After we decided to separate from our source and refused to follow the oneness of all life, the ego appeared. The ego is connected with duality and duality is connected to separation. Separation is living in an everlasting fear. So the ego is always trying to be better and superior to everybody else and therefore following the illusion that it is safe. Because this safety is never real, the race of superiority will always continue and will drive all our egos to continue the never-ending battle in our lives, the never-ending battle on this planet.

If we can let go of our ego, we will lose all sense of duality. If I have lost all of my ego, I have nothing to lose any more and if I still have nothing to lose any more, I also have nothing to defend any more. If I have nothing to defend any more, the battles and fights in this world will end and love and peace will be the new rulers of our lives, the new rulers of this world.

The stream from “outside to inside” and from “inside to outside”

We are made of identical, smallest parts of energy. These smallest parts of energy are the base properties of life, the blueprints of life. This blueprint is the divine aspect of life. So we are made of a mass of identical, smallest parts which are the divine aspect of life. This divine aspect is primarily oneness. Oneness will be experienced by the feeling of love, unconditional love for all that is. Therefore we represent this divine aspect and therefore we are this divine aspect. Unfortunately we have forgotten this.

We are part of the divine force of creation. If there are things in life which trouble us, we conclude that these things, unfortunately befall us. If we fall sick, this happens by things which come from outside and come to our inside. If we have problems with other people, then we mostly decide that the cause of this problem is that other people do not understand us. They are the cause of our problems, of our misery. Our misery comes from outside and will work on our inside and will make us sad, angry, sick and desperate.

We also mostly decide that the solutions of these problems must also come from the  outside. The doctor must heal us by a pill, a powder, an injection or an operation.

Thus the perceived solution, like the problem, comes from the outside to the inside. If I got sick from you, or if you made me angry or sad or miserable, then the only solution to my problem is that you will change your behaviour and then I will feel better.

The only real solution to all these problems is to change the direction from “outside to inside” to “inside to outside"—by taking command over your own life and by taking responsibility for your own life.

If you do understand the next difference, then you understand the difference between victim of or ruler over your own life. You will understand the difference between fear and love. You will understand the difference between war and peace. Can you understand the important difference between these two sentences:

·        “It is bad, so I conclude that it is bad”.

·        “I conclude that it is bad, so it is bad”.

To be

This summary is an amplification on the summary “to become”.

The moment that we choose that we want to be something, we make the step from “want to become” to “want to be”. You only can be it at the very moment that you choose and decide to be it. As long as you are not that which you want to be, you will not be it and you also will never become it. You only will become it, by being it. Or, as Shakespeare said: “To be or not to be, that is the question”.

There still is one big advantage of being it. You also will have  what you are.

·        By being peace, you will have peace.

·        By being love, you will have love.

·        By being rest, you will have rest.

So, by being it, you will have it.
Or in other words:
You will receive and have what you are.

The connection between these summaries

We all know that this world, this planet lives in misery, in sadness, in war, in a fear that kills everything. Look around you, read the papers and you can only agree. This has to change. Is all this changeable?

If we see the direction of our lives going from outside to inside, nothing will happen. If we can see the direction of our lives going from inside to outside, then we can do something. If you and I accept that we can change the world, then something can happen. Somebody must do it. If we all wait for each other nothing will happen, but if you and I will start, it can be the beginning of a new period, the beginning of a new world.

Can we change the world and how can you and I change the world?

We can start changing the world if we make the decision that we want to change ourselves. If we make the decision to change, if we are willing to change, then, by the fact that we are connected to everything and everybody and with everything and everybody, we will influence everything and everybody in this world. By this influence we will change this world by changing ourselves.

Can I change myself and how can I change myself?

I can change myself by first letting my ego die. I also have to hold a vision of a better world. We have seen, that because the universe is a mirror which reflects everything we hold in our mind's eye, we will create the circumstances of our visions in our own lives. The more people who hold the same vision, the greater the influence in this world will be.

If you want to be the one who changes this world, you have to choose that you will be the one who changes this world, because you will only be it at the the time that you choose and decide to be it. You will become it by choosing and deciding to be it.

The more you are able to let your ego die, the more you are going to realize who you are and what you are. The more you are going to realize who you are the more conscious you will be. The more conscious you will be, the more impact you can have on the world. This brings the connection to the aquarium I have mentioned before, because you will be like the bigger stone that when thrown in will have a greater influence on the movements of all the drops of water in the aquarium. But instead of jumping in the aquarium, I only have to jump in the river which we call our society or our culture.

Instead of calling it the aquarium or our society or our culture, I also can envision the web, where the threads of the web are the same as the drops of water in the aquarium. If I will touch or shake the threads in the web (our society) as a more conscious person, then this will cause more action than when I do this as a less conscious person. Because in the web everything and everybody is connected, we will see that everybody will notice that I touch and shake the threads. Probably they will not be happy, but they will notice.

My conclusion of this story is that if I can grow more consciously by holding a vision of a better world and by letting my ego die at the same time, my influence on this world will be greater and greater. This influence will be noticed and people will react and ask me what I am doing and they will surely have a lot of comment. This will be a test for me how far I am willing to go in changing this world, in challenging duality and separation.

Let us decide to be the captains of our own lives. Let us make the decision that we have a vision of a better world without separation off all life and where we all live in the knowledge of oneness. Let us empty our boxes with labels and therefore be able to see beyond the horizon. Let us make the decision that we are the changers, because we have taken the decision to be it. Let us try to grow in consciousness and therefore be like the heavy stones and jump in the river which we call our society. There, under the surface, on the bottom of the dark water of this river, we are able to form a dam and change the direction of this river, the direction of our society.

If we have changed the direction of this river, the consciousness of this world will change and grow and the misery will disappear. Separation and duality will die and the notion that there is only oneness will grow.

All this will happen if you and I will start today to change this world. I have already started so I hope you will join me and start today. I hope you will also choose to be the changer of this world and remember:

“You will not be it until you decide to be it. If you refuse to decide that you will be it, you must know that you will never become it and therefore you also will never be it.

You can become it by making the decision that you already are it and holding the vision that you “still are” the one you want to be. So, now make the choice to be the one you want to be”.

“To be or not to be, that is the question”.

Honour yourself and honour your neighbour, men and women and you will see and learn who you are and what you are.

I know these words sound like noble words. I know that this is not the easiest way to live. I also do understand and know that it is absolutely the only way we have to go and I try to realize my vision daily. I try to be the stone on the bottom of the river and I try to shake the threads in the web to challenge duality and separation. I still have a way to go. The way of letting go my own ego and the way of growing in consciousness. Daily I make mistakes but I am not disappointed. If I make a mistake and hurt people, I try to repair the damage. I also know that I will learn from my mistakes and I know I don’t have to go this way alone. I know that there is a spiritual teacher and my own Christ Consciousness within me, my own connection with the source of all life. They both do help me and guide me, if I do need this assistance.

I don’t know If we still have time to wait before we make the choice to change. I don’t think we have, but that is the way I feel it. In any way, something has to be done, something has to be done now.

All that the leaders of this world tell you about the necessity of what they have to do is one big, enormous lie.

Please open your eyes and see, open you ears and listen, but most of all, open the connection with your own “source of life”, which is deep within you.

Listen to your own conscience and you will know, just as I have learned to do.

This world is clouded, grey, dark and full of storms, but the sun can start to shine again and the storms will drop if you and I decide and start to let our “own SUNS” shine and start to light this world.

Let us do it now.


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