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The power of being able to be a mirror for somebody else


What does it mean to be the force of being able to be a mirror for somebody else?

The working of the mirror has to do anything with the attitude which we have towards other people.
The working of the mirror has to do anything with the way we treat other people.

In the way we treat other people we have a possibility  to show other people the mirror in order to be able to see themselves and by seeing themselves they get an opportunity to recognize themselves in order to discover who the really are and what they really are.

How can our attitude has an influence to the way other people can see themselves in the mirror and how other people, in relation to how they see themselves, get influenced to their attitude of life and to the way they can express themselves. Or in other words, how can our attitude  influence other people with the way they see themselves for who they really are at that moment and with the way, they will feel themselves, as a reaction to our attitude?

In which way I am able to live with other people and to treat them?
If we look to the two most extreme ways to treat people then I can 'decrease or break' people with the way I treat them and I can 'increase or build up' people with the way I treat them.

A little example can make something more clear.

Recently a woman approached me with a problem at my work. By something she did or said, I told her that she was 'the best, that she was brilliant and that it was she who made the difference in finding a solution for the problem'.
She reacted surprised: 'Do you mean that?' , she asked me.
'Yes, I do', I answered. 'I really do mean that and I mean it with all I have'. And again I told her 'You really are the very best'.
The woman smiled and said 'Thank you'.
Then she left the office where I was, including some other persons.

Somebody said to me: 'You are trying to much to be charming'.
Somebody else said: 'You are a bootlicker.
No', I said, 'I am neither a person who tries to be charming nor am I a bootlicker, but I am 'an increaserr'. She has left with more then she had at the moment when she entered this room and if you had watched carefully  when she left, you could have been able to see that she entered this room by walking and that she was dancing when she left this room and all this happened only, because she had a possibility to look in the mirror for just a short while'.

It is creepy and forbidden to tell others exact the things we just want to be ourselves and of which we should love, that other people will just see us.

Take care that other people will not be better then that we are and it is even more terrible and creepy to tell others that they are better then the  way we feel ourselves, seen through other persons eyes. That feeling is like a thread.

In any way it is like a thread for most of us.

Most people in this society do not really have a lot of self confidence. Most people will hear daily that they do act wrong, that they are more or less a good for nothing and that they have to change to grow better then they are now. Most people live in the consciousness of 'the struggle for live' and in the consciousness that the world and that live is a jungle where you have to fight to be able to eat and where you must be very carefully not to be eaten.

By the fact that our ego does experience a thread because other people might be better then we are, we will be very pleased to give other people the feeling that they are in any way less then we are.
We are always very pleased to have the feeling that just we are the ones who make the difference, in whatever field or way.

And this is the enormous mistake of our ego.

Hasn't there ever been told 2000 years ago that we will harvest anything that we have sown or as the English say, that ' What goes around, will always come around '.

So are the nature or the divine laws and this means that if we are able to show other people the mirror in which they can see that they are brilliant, perfect, unique and unbelievable great, we also will get an opportunity to watch in the mirror, which will be shown to us by other people and by which we will also get the opportunity to see and to recognize how brilliant, perfect, great and unique we are.

By everything we will radiate and sent out, by all the energies which we will throw into the universe, we will, just by the fact that the working of energy is an electric magnetic power, also pull to us, by the magnetic working, similar energies of similar frequencies.

There are only a very few people who really know who they really are and what they really are. There are only a very few people who know that they are unbreakable bound to the "Source of Being", which exclusively consists of "the unity and the oneness of all that is", which will be exclusively manifest by the feeling of " UNCODITIONAL LOVE ".

If you will tune in to the frequency of Love and if you will approach every person with Love, you will return to every person the recognition of the connection with the "Source of Being".

By the way we will act and react to other people, the only obstacle in the memory and the recognition of our "Source of Being" is the working of our Ego consciousness, is the working of our Ego drive.

By the way we treat other people, we will be able to change the 'hazy mirror image' for other people into a bright and clear mirror image in which they can see the memory and the recognition of who and what they really are.

If you will mean sincerely whatever you say and if you have a sincere intention to 'ncrease' other people and to bring them back to the status which they really are, then you will be increased by other people to give you the opportunity to have your memory and recognition grow.

In this way we will increase each other and we will increase the frequency of the energy of this World. And by these actions the life climate in this World will absolutely improve immensely.

For this reason:
I will draw the attention of other people to who they are and what they are,
I will keep telling people how great they are and how brilliant they are,
I will keep telling people that the they are the very best, the most sweet and the most beautiful people I know,
I will keep telling people that just they are the ones who make the difference and that just their input is a matter of life and death for this World.


If it is your opinion that this is a way of trying to be charming or being a bootlicker then we will have a difference in opinions.
If you are not able to see the light, the grandeur and the brilliance of other people, then you still are very influenced by your Ego consciousness, which will never allow you that you will see that somebody else might be better then you or even will give you the idea that somebody else might be better then you, in whatever way.

The only drive of this decision of the Ego consciousness is fear, coming from the ignorance of the fact that we are all bound with each other in unity, because there is only one immense body and that the consciousness of separation will only lead to fear, despair, battles, wars, chaos and illnesses.



" Heel mooi" in the image means " Very beautiful  "


Show other people the mirror image of who they really are and what they really are, by playing the correct string of their harp, which we all have deep inside of us. By these actions their mirror image will be again ' Very Beautiful '.
Try to clear for everybody the hazy and unclear image in the mirror by which the image will only grow more and more clear and beautiful.
By this you will do the most brilliant thing which somebody can do to another person:

You will give this person back to him- or to her Self.





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