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Men, women and competition


Men and women do attract each other. This has been since the dawn of time. There is a difference between men and women and this difference causes the attraction. This is, has always been and will always be.

Men give women what they don’t have and women give men what they miss. Together they close the circle. Together they combine the yin and the yang.

In the dawn of time there also happened something else. People disconnect from the chain of life. People split off. They split off from the oneness with God and from the oneness with everything that is, so they also split off from each other.

We saw ourselves as unique persons standing alone in this world, standing alone in our own lives. There is a me and there is a you and we have nothing in common, nothing together. For this reason we thought we could do whatever we liked to do with everybody else without harming ourselves. Because we did indeed to harm each other, we also lost the original and natural Path of Life and got lost in the jungle—the jungle where we find the law of the survival of the fittest, the jungle where you will eat or be eaten.

In order to survive these laws of the jungle we had to take care that we got superior. We had to get, to be and to stay better than everybody else. When we are better and superior we are safe, at least, that is how we thought and still think.

In order to get better and superior than everybody else, competition arose. In these times, in our days we accept competition as an acceptable, natural and healthy battle in life to be able to show and to prove that we are better and superior than everybody else.

Men have to be superior to men, women to women and men to women. I am a better, more clever and stronger man than you are. I am a better, more clever and more pretty woman than you are and men are better than women or women are better than men.

You see this in families, in education, in sports, in social life, on the work floor and even in religion. So we fight our battles to prove that we are better and superior to everybody else. So we fight the battles which we can never win because we fight against unreal illusions.

Competition is duality and duality is poison, poison which will kill all our lives. In order to eliminate this poison we have to eliminate duality. In order to eliminate duality we have to understand that we have to eliminate competition.

Competition will never work because I have to prove that I am better than you are. Since there is only oneness there is no separated me and you. You are me and I am you. If I have to be better than you, I have to be better than myself at the same time, which is impossible. I can try to be better than myself as I was before, but I can never be better than myself at the same moment.

Because there is a natural difference between men and women there is a causal impossibility for men to be better than women or for women to be better than men. Men alone are incomplete as well as women alone are incomplete. The male power apart is incomplete as well as the female power apart is incomplete. The combination of the male and female power closes the circle.

Men are apples and women are pears. One who says that apples are better than pears is a fool. They are different with a completely different taste, so are men and women. Instead of fortifying this separation we have to fortify the realization of the fact that men and women have to combine their unique powers in order to close the circle.

Competition forces us to achieve. Competition has to be eliminated so achievement has to be eliminated. In stead of achievement we have to consolidate each other. We have to help each other to learn that we are “Gods to be”. Let us help each other, let us carry each other. We have to learn who we are and what we are. We have to learn that in the combinations of our Love power, our feelings of love for each other, we can grow and help each other to grow. We don’t have to be afraid for each other if we know and accept that we can and must help each other. I can help you to raise you and if I help you to raise, I raise myself. If I raise you and you raise me we raise each other. If we raise each other, we raise this world. If we raise this world, we raise this universe. If we raise this universe, we raise the ALL. If we raise the ALL, we are who we are meant to be, we are the “Gods to be”.

Let us bend our heads for the Powers we do not have. Let us accept each other without any competition. Let us love each other and grow in oneness. Let us give the power we have and others do not have. Let us accept the powers we get from others and which we do not have and let us therefore raise each other and so raise ourselves and be Gods.



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