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Love, expectations and being guilty




In my opinion Love is the Power of eliminating all feelings of guilt. If you are able to eliminate these feelings, you are able to free yourself and to free others.

Let me try to explain:


This world is a world where we live in a society where you will only find the law of the jungle. Where I have to be better than you, will I have a chance to survive. This world is still a world which is ruled by the consciousness of separateness and duality, ruled by chaos, grief, pain, misery, fear and war.


“An idea of the battlefield on Earth”

How are all these things possible? Obviously we do something wrong, but what is it that we do wrong. How can we understand this and how can we change the course of all life in this world and how can we alter our course to better directions, to a better life, to a better world.
What must we do in order to have harmony and to have love being the new rulers in this world? Everything there is, is only energy. Everything is a manifestation of energy. This energy consists of an infinite mass of the smallest parts of energy. Because everything there is has been build up from a mass of these smallest equal parts of energy, in essence everything there is, is also identical. Everything looks unique because everything has its own degree of vibration and therefore its own form of appearance. But it still is a mass of the smallest identical parts of energy.
In essence I am identical to you, we are made up of the same building blocks. Our difference is the degree of energy vibration. Because we are made out of the same substance, we are connected to each other. There is no you without me and there is no me without you. You can say we are connected by threads of energy in the spaces between you and me. This means that by this connection everything I do will be felt by everybody else.

This means also that everything I do, will influence everybody else. Even if you do not see any result of what you do, you absolutely will influence everything and everybody else.

This means that if you hit me and I react by hitting you, it will influence everybody. This also means that if you hit me and I react by turning the other cheek, this will also influence everybody. So by the way we act and react, we influence all people, all life in this world and by our way of acting and reacting, we absolutely influence the direction of all life on this world.

We all are connected in one enormous “web of energy”. Because we are made of the same substance and because we are all connected, there is only “oneness”.

This oneness goes back to the source of the chain of life. This oneness goes back to the Creator of all life. This oneness goes back to God. We are connected to God.
This oneness will be experienced by the feeling of love,
unconditional love. The opposite of oneness, which is separation and duality, will always be an experience of fear.

Since this world has been ruled for a very, very long time by the consciousness of separation and duality, we live continuously in fear.

People have the power to create. Because we have the power to create we live in our own created worlds. We live in worlds which have been formed by our own thoughts, by our own convictions. That to which we adapt ourselves, will be realized and will be experienced by us. If I think you are a bad person, then everything you will do, will give me the proof that you are bad. I will hear it by what you say, I will see it by what you do and I will even smell it. If somebody else thinks you are a good person, then it will be proven to them by your actions that you are good, the same actions that prove to me that you are bad.

Because the universe is a mirror which reflects everything we do and think and because we have to experience life, we create (unconsciously) the circumstances in our own lives that we want to experience. By these experiences we can learn.
If we follow this line, it means that in other people's eyes I am nothing but thousands and thousands of labels with which I have been labelled by others. I am in your eyes and by your ears what you have labelled me. This also means that you are, in my eyes, nothing but the things with which I have labelled you.

This also means that we live in our own labelled worlds. We live in labelled boxes or in mental prisons. It also means that in this dualistic world nothing is as it appears to be. It also means that you can change your world by changing the labels. It also means that if you are able to accept that you stop labelling situations and people, your box will be empty and you can see outside the box. This means that if you can see outside your box, you can change your horizon.

So this is very important, my thoughts, my own convictions create my own world. This created illusions have a very high degree of reality. Therefore “my world” will be for me absolutely the same as “the world”. This also means that because I see it this way and because my world (my illusions) has this very high degree of reality, I only can conclude that you also have to see it the same way as I see it. But because you live in your own labelled box, in your own mental prison, you are not able to see it my way, but you will only see the world (your world) as the way it is drawn and painted by your own labels. You also live in your own illusions, with the same very high degree of reality.

So, the first problem in life arises. Because my own created world has this very high degree of reality, the only thing I can do, is to expect that you will see what I see and that you will hear all that I hear.

So, my ability to create my own world with this high degree of reality, creates always reactions. These reactions are expectations.

Because other people do not understand what I see and what I hear, because they do no not understand my world, my illusions, my own created world in which I live, they are never able to come up to my expectations. They will, by definition, not understand the rules, the images, the colours and the sounds in my world.

This means, that because we live in our own created and absolute different worlds, other people will always disappoint us. We do not understand each other, we can’t understand each other, because we all live in different, illusional worlds.

Expectations shall always create
disappointments. Expectations always generate the next law:

”Nothing, absolutely nothing in this dualistic world is as it appears to be”.

If you expect that it will be conform your expectations, you will absolutely be disappointed. All the things in my life are nothing else than the things of which I think and know, that they just have to be this way, because I have decided, it only can be this way, because I have learned it this way. I have learned it by my education. I have learned it at school and I have learned it by my religion. They all have offered me, during my lifetime, my labels. The labels which form my world, the labels which form my illusions. All my labels are packed in my labelled box, in my mental prison. Our ability to create has even some more consequences. If you understand that everything there is in your world, only can be there because you have created it, created by your view of identity, created by your thoughts and created by your feelings, this also means, that everybody else will and can only be that, of which you think that he or she is or has to be. Everybody else has to answer to your images, the images that you have created and that always seem to be the only reality in your life.

This does not mean that the people are equal to all of your images, equal to your reality.

This does, in any way mean something else. Anyway of which I think about somebody else, anyway of which I talk about somebody else, tells nothing about the other person, but tells anything about me.

If I do irritate me by somebody else, than it only means that all that the other person does, hits me. It hits my view of identity, it hits my feelings, it hits my thoughts, it hits my ideas that it is not correct, that it not corresponds to what I have learned. Or it hits me because my ego can't accept this action or reaction because I am to proud, to suspicious or to jealous to accept it. So there is no other solution for me than to condemn this action or reaction, which also means that I have to condemn this person. I feel bad by the other person's actions or reactions, so the other person is guilty. Guilty to my misery.

And because you are guilty, you have to change. If you change and act and react the way I like you to act and react, my misery will maybe disappear. If my misery will disappear and you will do anything to please me and to step in my world, you can be my friend again. But you can't please me because you don't understand anything of my view of identity, anything of my thoughts and anything of what I feel, so anything of my judgement of what is correct. Correct, because I have learned it that way.

Your education was different, your school was different, your religion is different, your view of identity is different and your thoughts and feelings are different. Your labels are all different and your labelled box is absolutely different in relation to my labelled box. Our mental prisons are absolutely not equal.

So, maybe I am guilty, but I can't help you, you have to help yourself.

You have to change your labels or even much better, you have to erase all of your labels, which are based on this world of duality. Besides you have to let go of your ego. So if there are no labels left and if you have let go completely of your ego, there is nothing left in your system which can be hit by any action or reaction from somebody else. If you can't be hit by any action or reaction from other persons, you will no more be able to have any expectations and if you have let go all of your expectations, it will be impossible for you that you will be disappointed by anything or anybody.

If it is impossible that you will be disappointed by anybody or anything, you are spiritual free.

If you are spiritual free, you will be able to sleep without dreams and be able to awake without anxieties.

Some years ago I made one of the most important decisions in my life. I decided that I refused to be guilty any more. Guilty to something which I was not able to change. I refused to be guilty to all the things some persons declared me guilty of.

Because I was going my spiritual path, I changed. Therefore other people judged me that I had to change back to the person I was before, but I was not able to do that. Because I didn't change back, I was condemned.

I tried everything to convince these people that it was not possible for me to go back to my place in “the web” where I was before.
It did not work, so I was condemned. To take the decision of refusing to be guilty was not easy, it even was hard. I did not know how other people should react. For me the difference was enormously. I left a world with fear and with all the sounds of war and I entered a new world. I entered a world with peace, where I only heard the blowing of the wind and the sounds of the birds.

It is a world where I learned everything about acceptance and tolerance. There is indeed another side to this medal. If I refuse to be guilty, it means absolutely at the same time that in no way it can be possible for me to condemn somebody else. If you are not able to know my labels, if you are never able to know the contents of my labelled box, of my mental prison, then by the same law, it is impossible for me to know all of the contents of your labelled box, of your mental prison. So by the same law, it is impossible for me to condemn you.

I have learned one thing: “You are not guilty. Even if everybody gives you that feeling. Change your world, just as I did and step into the world in which you are free, free of guilt. Step into the world where you also declare that everybody else is free, free of guilt.

Besides, tell everybody about the story of the labelled boxes and the mental prisons and all the illusions of life and invite them to step into this world of freedom”.

I am not guilty and you are not guilty. We all have the right “to be”. To be as we are.

If we do realize that nobody is guilty we also don't have to struggle and try to forgive our selves and each other. You are not guilty so you don't have to forgive yourself and other people are not guilty, so you don't have to forgive them.

Of course I also know that if I do make any mistake and hurt people, I have to repair this damage and I have to take all the responsibility for what I did.



'An idea of the paradise on Earth'

What kind of world will the next world be?

A world where nobody is guilty. A world where we don't have to forgive each other. A world where we understand that we live in our own mental prisons and where we shall help each other to erase our labels and where we shall help each other to let go of our egos. A world where we shall help each other to free our selves out of our mental prisons. A world where we can live in tolerance and where we shall accept each other unconditionally.
A world where all the accounts to settle our guilt can be thrown to the stake and burn till there is nothing left.

I shall sign to help to create this world. A world where we can learn to love each other unconditionally.
A world which can be shaped to the paradise as it was meant before.

All these things we can do, will be fortified by the law and the consciousness of “oneness”. The law and consciousness of oneness will take care that everything we do, will influence everybody else.

Love, unconditional love and expectations don't match.
Expectations are always the “bottleneck” in the relations between men and in the relation of men and God.

So, let go all of our expectations and let go all of our egos and let us create a new world with the consciousness of oneness, which will lead us to the experience of unconditional love.


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