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God, Science and an Apple

What an apple can do!

What is the difference between the notions 'God, Science and an Apple' and are there also any resemblances?
What has God to do with science and what has science to do with God?
What has God to do with an apple and what has an apple to do with God?
Is there also a connection between science and an apple and how are God, science and an apple in proportion of each other?

The first question which rises to me, is: What is science?

Actually, I don't know.
I only know that one important characteristic of science is: " to measure ".
Science measures.
They do tests in their laboratories and create circumstances in which they can or can't prove anything or everything.

If they prove something based to standards, based to starting-points, of which the scientists suppose that these are true, than that which they can prove, is also true, is also real in their eyes.

You can describe science in the saying " all you can measure is all you can know ".
If I am able to measure it, if the object in my research is measurable in my laboratory, then is the result of that where I am searching for, the truth and then I can say that my results belong to " all what we know ".
All we are not able to measure is all we are not able to know and all
  that we do not know is not true, is not of our reality.

Thinking about this, I wondered what science can say about an apple.
What is an apple according to science?

Scientists can measure the apple in their laboratories, they can measure the size of the apple, they can make notes of the colour of the apple and they can measure the diameter of the apple.
Out of a lot of apples they can establish the average weight and the average size. If you take a lot of apples you can count which colour you see most. The colour of the apple can be green, red or yellow.
You also can cut the apple in two parts en you can establish the structure of the pulp of the apple.
In the laboratory scientists can establish that there is fluid in the apple and maybe you can establish as well, how much of average fluid there is in each 100 gram of pulp of the apple.
As you see, you can establish in a laboratory all kind of things about an apple and of course you also can describe all the results of your measurements and you can express all these results in numbers and graphics.

The next question I was searching for and which I tried to be answered, is: what is God?

Also to this question I am not able to give an answer.

What actually is God?
For me, the expression " God " was loaded. In my feeling there is so much violence to the word " God ".
From my religious instructions from my past, I remember that God is a man. God is enormous grand and rather severe. If I do not all that he has commanded in the ten commandments, then God can grow quiet angry. If he is angry he punishes you and his punishments are not half bad.
If I see how some people are hit in their lives, then I can be anxious of the severity of God and the unbelievable punishments you can receive from God.
I know people who are really good people and who have received quite some punishments in their lives. They have a lot of grief and a lot of misery. Sometimes they are terrible ill or relatives of these nice people, who also are very nice people, can suddenly die, just like that!
I also see that God allows enormous misery in this world.
In many parts of this world there are wars and oppressions.
Many people in this world suffer enormously and God refuses to do anything. Apparently he doesn't care at all.
If I have a very brave moment, then sometimes, I have the courage to say to God that he has to stop with all these terrible things.

So, actually, I am not able to get a clear image of God.
And it seems there are even more Gods, because there are more important religions all over the world and they all say that they have the only, or at least the most perfect God.
Their God is better than the Gods of the other religions.
For me it is all rather confusing because who shall I be to say which of them is right.
And what I still can remember very well from my religious instructions from my past is, that:


So, concluding I can say: God is a man, he is our father who is tremendous severe, who can grow enormously angry, who can give terrible punishments, who allows and tolerates incredible much misery and who is, at the same time, unconditional, everlasting love.

Here it was, where I lost completely any connection.

If I see what I do understand of science and if I see what I do understand of God, then I must conclude that both notions are difficult to understand for me. The more I thought about science and God, the more I had to conclude, that it was to much for me.

Tired and hungry of all the thinking how I could catch both problems, I saw an apple and decided to eat it.

That apple gave me the answer en showed me the lights in my problems.

How can it be possible that an apple could give me an answer about the working of science and about the questions of God?

In any way I discovered that science did not understand at all anything about an apple.
Of course, everything they tell us about an apple is quite true, but is what they tell us about an apple the complete truth of an apple?

Are scientists able to catch the complete existence of an apple in their laboratories?

When I started to eat the apple I noticed the wonderful taste of the apple.
The taste was great, the apple was not to sweet and not to sour, the taste of the apple was exact how it had to be for me.

The smell of the apple was also great and the rind of the apple felt great.
I also liked the colour and I liked the form of the apple.
I also noticed that the juice of the apple quenched my thirst and I noticed the pulp of the apple allayed my hunger.
I noticed all kind of things which you can't measure in a laboratory.
The experience of eating consciously the apple was really great.
Of course this experience was personally. It was my experience of eating the apple.
Most probably your experience of eating the apple would be different than mine.
Maybe in your experience the apple should have been a little to sweet or a little to sour. But, so I realized, there are apples which are more sweet and less sweet. So for every personal taste there will be a perfect apple.
Every personal wish about the taste of an apple, the smell of an apple, the colour of an apple and the size of an apple was to fulfil, if you would take pains to find this apple.
The apple was not to catch scientifically but the apple was much and much more than science, through the way of objective measurements, could describe.

Science does scant justice to the truth of an apple in a very serious way.

Then I thought about the other item:

Should it be possible that what the religions tell us about God, also do scant justice to the truth of God?

Thinking about the apple, I decided that if we wanted to have a clear view of God, a trustful experience of God, we actually had to eat God, we had to consume God in order to be able to establish what God actually is.

Should it be possible to eat, to consume God?

Should it be possible to have a personal view, a personal experience of God, just as I had with the apple?

Then I started to wonder how I should experience God personally if I should be able to imagine a personal view of God and if I would be able to create this complete image in my complete system. What would happen if I was able to consume God?

There still was something else that I realized about the apple. I realized that it was the apple who showed a perfect unconditional love. Not only the apple showed this unconditional love, also the apple tree showed this same, perfect, unconditional love.
The apple tree allows everybody to walk to the tree and to gather an apple from the tree. If you are a nice person or if you are an egoist, if you are a saint or a murderer, everybody is allowed to walk to the tree and to gather an apple. The apple tree even allows you to gather all the apples from the tree, no matter who you are and no matter what you are.
The apple also allows everybody that you take her in your hands, that you gather her and that you eat her. The apple absolutely doesn't care.

That is what you can call love, that is what you can call unconditional love.

Should it be possible that the apple has more love than God, that the apple has more unconditional love than God?
The moment I realized this question, I really started to think about God.
What should God be in my personal experiences of God, if I allowed to have work my creativity in his full power and to have work my very deepest feelings?

When I started this process, I realized all the following ideas and feelings about God.

  • God has created everything, maybe God is an all enclosing power, which is present in everything, till the deepest core of everything.
  • Maybe God is the beginning of all sources and the source of every beginning.
  • Maybe God is the deepest core of all energy out of which everything has been build.
  • Maybe God is an always moving, transcending power, which propels everything.
  • Maybe God is a power which is always present in all that is and which possesses an incredible, cosmic intelligence.
  • Maybe it is this incredible, cosmic intelligence, which informed in beforehand the little seed of a mighty oak that it had to grow and that it has to be formed till the great and mighty oak with a lot of wood and all the leaves, which will be formed by the nutritious matter out of the earth, out of the water of the rain and out of the light of our sun.
  • Maybe God is the same power which allowed me to grow out of a little seed and a little egg, with all my phantasm, which allows me to think about God and which allows me to do my utmost to experience God.
  • Maybe God is the power that takes care that all the apples grow, which always allow everybody to gather them and to quench the thirst of everybody with their juice and to allay the hunger of everybody with their pulp.
  • Maybe God is also the power which arranged that the birds have feathers and wings, with which they can fly through the sky and search for food. 
    Food, which has been formed by the same power, which is God and food, that by the power of God is always present.
  • Maybe God is also the power that takes care that I will be cured when I am ill. If I take my rest and good food, which has been formed by the same power, which is God, my illness will disappear and I will be able again to live and enjoy my life.
    If all should be as I imagined, than God is the great, universal healer.
  • Maybe God is also the power which takes care that every year the cereals and all the vegetables will grow, with which everybody on this planet can be feed, if we are willing to distribute all this food in an honest way.
  • I even could imagine that God is the power of all the little things and all the great things, from the building of the atom until the creation of the complete universe with all its galaxies.

I continued and continued to philosophise in this way and I found a lot of more examples of how I could experience God, deep inside of me.
Now I started to understand that God takes care of everybody, that he feeds everybody, that he quenches the thirst of everybody, that he protects everybody, that he heals everybody and that he carries all that is alive and all that is.

This idea about God pleased me much more than the old idea I had about God. This was a God of ALL, a God for you and a God for me, a God for food and a God for healing. This was a God of Love, a God of unconditional Love, a God of a never stopping carefulness and a God of an unbelievable creative and cosmic intelligence.

Suddenly I realized another thing.

God has given us a free will so that we can do and not do whatever we want. The apple which has been formed of the power, the cosmic, intelligence power, which is God, never forces us to eat her. We are able and allowed to decide ourselves whether we gather the apple or don't, whether we eat the apple or don't. For the apple it is all the same.
Then I asked myself if it really is God who punishes us or do we create this situation by living in the opposite way as is ordered by the universe, as is ordered by God. This order is an everlasting, never ending drive, which propels and transcends all that is, all that is created. In the mean time I started to understand that this universal drive exists in unconditional love and the realization that there is only oneness in the universe, oneness in all that has been created.
Maybe we bring ourselves (big) damage by (voluntary) leaving the river of Live, the river of unconditional love and the realization of oneness.

What is your experience of science?

If science will realize any progress, then they have to leave the rule of the (exclusive) " process of measure', because in this process they miss the essence of anything they examine in their laboratories. They miss it because they eliminate the personal experience. You only have to think about the apple.

What is your experience of God?

The religions shall, at least if they want to make any progress and if they want to survive, have to leave " the process of measure" of God, the process as it has been written in the books and they have to stop to stimulate that everybody eliminates her or his personal experience of God. This idea which is stimulated by the religions is incomplete.
They just have to stimulate the people that they eat God, that they
 consume God, so that they all are able to experience God in their own wonderful way and that they are able to awake God and divine feelings deep in themselves and to find it there.

So an apple give me a push through which I was able to solve my problems and questions.
Of course they are all my personal experiences but I like them much more than the stories I learned and heard long time ago.

These experiences give me one great advantage, now I know all I know, now I feel what I feel, my fear for God has disappeared. I am convinced that it is not God who punish us.
I even can say, this knowing and these feelings give me the possibility to take the fate of my own life in my own hands. I am now able to manage to organize the direction of my own life, because I know I have to take all the consequences of my behaviour.
I even can say that these feeling, this knowing gave me a possibility to become the captain of the ship of my own life.
I only have to focus to the law of unconditional love and to step into the everlasting flow of the River of Liveand to flow with it.

With these experiences about Life and about God I have been able to tune up the chords of the harp which has been planted deep inside in me as it is planted deep inside in everybody and now I hear and feel that the music, which is produced by this harp, grows more and more beautiful. It gives me the feeling and the security that God and I, that I and God are one, that we are in oneness, in unity. I feel more and more that: " The Father and I are one" and that he will carry me, feed me, protect me and give me LIFE. He was doing ever before, in the past, he is doing now and he will do for the rest of all coming days, until eternity.
And because I also know that The Father is all there is and presents all there is, I know I am in oneness through him with all that is and by realising that only his Will will be done and not my will, I can become the open door through which the cosmic and divine light is able to enlighten this World.





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