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Declaration of our God given Rights


We the People of Planet Earth do this day declare that we have the God Given Rights to a World where we are free to follow Divine Direction from our hearts and give to Life our God Flames so that we may discover THE MORE and BE that MORE.

I AM THAT I AM  taking dominion on Earth today!

We declare that on this day we stand up for our Rights and say to the Power Elite who have run our planet for so long to our detriment that, "Your time is done! You have no power!" We the People do declare that we want a God Governed country, a God Governed World that is not at the mercy of a few power mad egos but, rather, peopled by strong, spiritual beings who have bowed their knee to the Christ in them and surrendered their egos to their greater Self, the I AM within them.

May the Will of God be done on Earth!

We also demand our Rights to a peaceful world, where war is a thing of the past. We demand that the countries that have no need for their military lay down their weapons and trust in their defense to the hands of God. When a few lands make this move then others will follow, and those lands that are warring still will see that it is time to move on and leave these childish ego games that God has never wanted nor ever commanded take place. We are all children of God no matter what our origins are, and as children of God, when we harm another we harm ourselves.

We claim our right to a planet where there are no frontiers causing division between us, as in God Reality we are All One in Spirit and Love.

Thus we call to all our brothers and sisters on this planet and say, "Wake up and bring forth the Golden Age! Stand up and shed the lie that you are not perfect, not able to be your God Flames and shine forth the God in You!"

We also accept that the majority of us in disconnecting ourselves from God have created an ego, the indwelling antichrist, which thinks it knows better than God but in reality can never be right. The ego will do all it can to stop us reconnecting with the God in ourselves, and deny his existence but We do this day declare to our own ego and the egos of all on earth, "Your day is done! Get thee behind me! You have no power! "

We declare our right to transcend ourselves, and a right to a society that is also in constant transcendence as we move in an upward spiral in a Golden Age. For when a society stops transcending itself as its residents become too comfortable with the status quo, it will enter into a downward spiral that will result in its ultimate failure.

For the love of God, and the love of our countries and fellow citizens,


Naar boven